Choosing The Best Above Ground Pool

Choosing The Best Above Ground Pool

There’s nothing that can compare to the feeling of swimming, whether it’s in the ocean, a lake, or a swimming pool. As great as this activity can be, though, it’s just not feasible to always have access to somewhere great to take a dip and so you might start looking around for the best rated above ground pool to satisfy your needs.

Above ground pools offer a unique alternative to this problem and allow you to have constant access to your very own pool without the cost or hassle of having one built in the ground. With so many options available out there, though, it’s hard to make your way through the reviews to find the best above ground pool to suit your needs.

Above ground pool.

There are so many things to consider when shopping for an above ground pool, so aside from looking at above ground pools reviews, you really need to have an idea in your mind about what exactly you need from yours. Is it for the family to enjoy summer days in? Is it for training and exercising, or do you just want to have a pool on hand for whenever you feel like taking a swim?

We’ve taken the hard work out of the search for you and looked through countless above ground swimming pool reviews to find you something that perfectly suits your needs. With the right above ground pool for your home, you’ll have hours of entertainment and the ideal way to escape the heat.

Why Buy An Above Ground Pool?

Having a pool can bring you so much enjoyment and it’s always there to keep the family entertained. However, having a house with a built-in pool installed can cost thousands and thousands of dollars which just isn’t possible for most families. In-ground pools offer a great alternative and there are many reasons why people choose to invest in one for their home.


Having an above ground pool means you’re not limited to where you can enjoy it, even if you want to take it over to a friend’s house to enjoy the fun elsewhere. A pool can be placed anywhere in your yard that you have room and if you’re planning a vacation somewhere you can even pack your pool along to increase the fun.

Limited Space In Yard

One of the main reasons why people can’t get themselves an in-ground pool at home is due to the lack of space, as these larger styles of pool require quite a bit of room.

Small yard pool.

There are various sizes of above ground pools to choose from and you’re able to select one with a footprint that matches the exact amount of room you have.


Once you’ve found the best value above ground pool you’ll be shocked at just how affordable they are these days. It used to be that to get yourself a quality pool for the backyard would cost thousands of dollars, but these new styles are a lot less than that and will last your home for many years to come.  

When compared to having a pool built in your backyard, the costs are even cheaper to consider and well within the means of the average American household.

Easy To Install

Modern above ground pools couldn’t be easier to install, and this is an area where many people were put off from in the past. With most brands promising assembly in around 60 minutes, you’ll be able to receive your pool kit to your door and be enjoying it that very afternoon.

Some brands also offer instructional DVDs to show you how it’s done and even maintenance and repairs for any future problems you might have.

Suits All Seasons

When you have an in-ground pool, you need to keep up with maintenance and care all year round, even when it’s not in use. An above ground pool is great for the warmer months and when it starts to cool down you can simply disassemble it and store it away until it starts to heat up again.

What To Look For When Choosing Your Pool

When you’re ready to begin your search for the perfect above ground pool for your home, you might feel a little overwhelmed at the choices out there.

The above ground pool market has certainly exploded and now there are countless options available for pools to suit all families, sizes of home, and additional features you might want. Here are some things to consider when shopping around for your perfect swimming pool:


These pools are measured usually in feet of their length and inches for their depth. Some brands also show you what the footprint is of their pool so you can exactly measure it out in your backyard and see that it will fit.

Big above ground pool.

They come in a variety of shapes with the most common being round and rectangular, depending on your size requirements.

Filter Pump

Most above ground pools these days comes with a filter pump that’s designed to keep the water clean. Look at the sizes and voltage that the pump offers as some might not be big enough to adequately service the size of the pool.


The quality of an above ground pool is essential as you don’t want it breaking during use. Looking for things like anti-corrosion steel and tear resistant pool liners that keep your pool protected. A minimum of 12 months warranty should be offered on your pool, with some extending years beyond this.


There are some common materials used in above ground pools, so keep an eye out for quality choices. Things like PVC and laminate are great choices for the pool liner and stainless steel is a popular choice for the pool frame. You want materials that will last more than just one swimming season, so don’t skimp unless you’re happy to upgrade your pool every year.


Read descriptions to see how long the recommended setup time is for your pool and what kind of instructions it comes with. Some may require multiple people to set up and tools and accessories you need to have, so you have to understand this before you commit.


There’s a bit to consider when setting up your pool as you’ll need other accessories, too. Some pools come with complete packages that include a ladder, ground cloth, debris cover, pump, filter, and more, whereas others will require you to purchase these separately.

Our Recommendations For The Best Above Ground Pool

After weighing up all the options and looking at the features that are most important to people, we’ve narrowed down the search to find you five of the best above ground pool choices. These pools cover all budgets and for all purposes, so you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your home.

Wilbar Meadows Above Ground Pool

If you’re searching for a tool that’s tough and durable, the Wilbar Meadows Above Ground Pool could be just what you’ve been looking for. This pool is made of tough galvanized steel and resin coating that protects it from the elements, so it’s a great choice for people who live in harsher weather conditions.

Wilbar Meadows 24-Feet-By-52-Inch Round Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Wilbar makes a range of above ground pools so you know that they’re expert at it, and this is one of the more reasonably priced models around. Measuring in at 24 foot long and 52 inches deep, the Wilbar Meadows Pool has more than enough room for the whole family without feeling like you might break the sides.

This pool features champagne colored frame which makes it a great centerpiece for your backyard, and even for an above ground pool, it manages to add a lot to the scenery. The blue liner makes the water shine and it’s always so refreshing and clean to take a dip in, however, this pool doesn’t feature a built-in filtration system.

One issue with this pool is that the assembly was seemingly tougher than other brands, even with the instruction manual provided. To get this one up you’ll need a few adults that are more than capable and a few hours of time, but once it’s done you won’t have any need to take it down again.

This small issue aside there really was no complaints about the affordable Wilbar Meadows Pool.

Intex 28211EH Above Ground Pool

As one of the leading manufacturers of above ground pools, it’s no wonder to see the Intex name here in our top recommendations. Their Intex 28211EH Pool is a simple design with a whole lot to offer, and it’s one of the leading products on the market.

With measurements of 12 feet wide and 30 inches deep, it’s fairly standard for backyard pools with enough room for everyone to enjoy.

The Intex 28211EH Above Ground Pool comes with a Krystal clear cartridge filter pump that gives you 110v of pumping power to keep your pool clean and hygienic. Considering the low cost compared to other above ground pools, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one with a filter installed that can offer this much quality.

Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump

Some reviews have stated that they replaced the pump in this pool to something a little more powerful, so if you want a little more reassurance then this is an easy and cheap fix. However, others had no problem with it so it just depends on your personal preference for your pool and if you want more of a filtration system in place.

This pool gives you about 1,700 gallons of water so there’s ample room for everyone to enjoy. When you need to drain the pool there’s a convenient drain plug which allows you to keep the water well away from the house and garden and drain it off elsewhere.  

Assembly is also easy provided you keep it on solid and flat ground and avoid any loose soil, mud or sand when setting it up.

There’s no doubt that Intex is a leader in the above ground pool market, and this product shows us exactly why. It’s by far one of the cheapest available but without sacrificing on quality or the nice extras that make it a complete package. If you’re looking for budget-friendly and feature packed swimming, this is a great choice for your home.

Intex 28365EH Above Ground Pool Set

When you want the absolute toughest above ground pool that money can buy, it has to be the Intex 28365EH Above Ground Pool. This pool comes with a complete set that includes ladder, ground cloth, volleyball set, pump and saltwater system, all bundled with the tough and reliable Intex 28365EH Above Ground Pool.

The 28365EH Pool by Intex has durable steel frames that have been powder coated to give even more strength, and a nice finishing touch that makes this pool just as attractive as one built into the ground.

With the capability to hold 8,403 gallons of water there’s more than enough room for the whole family to enjoy, and with peace of mind that it will hold everyone safely and securely.

Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool


Intex promises that this pool will only take 60 minutes to set up and be ready for water, however judging by the online reviews you might want to give a little more time than that. Although you can expect to spend a little longer setting up, it’s still quite easy to assemble when compared to others this size, and exceptionally stronger, too.

Intex uses their patented dual suction outlet fittings which means you’re able to keep the dirty water out and clean water in, offering a far more hygienic swimming experience when compared to some above ground pools. Thanks to the pump and filter that comes with it, this is one of the better options for those who want a crystal clear swimming pool at home.

The walls of the Intex 28365EH Above Ground Pool are made of super tough PVC laminate and this set comes with a maintenance DVD that lets you fix any problems yourself at home. If you’re looking for a pool that comes with the complete package, this is certainly one worth considering.

Intex Prism Frame Pool

By now it’s probably no surprise to see another Intex pool making the list for top-rated above ground pools thanks to their quality products.

This is one of the above ground pool brands that know their stuff, and even something as simple as their Intex Prism Frame Pool is worth mentioning. Measuring in at 24 feet with 52 inches of depth, it’s the perfect size for any backyard.

This pool comes with a set including a filter pump, ground cloth, pool cover and ladder so you have everything you need to bring the swimming lifestyle to your home.

Some of the online reviews mentioned replacing the pump to something more powerful, so depending on how much time you’ll be spending in yours you might want to look around or a heavy duty alternative.

Intex 24ft X 52in Prism Frame Pool

This pool is by far one of the easiest to set up when you look at the Intex pool reviews and it’s the perfect size for families with small children who like to swim. If you want something for a larger group of adults to enjoy then you may want to consider upgrading, otherwise, it will suit the average family perfectly.

There’s no need to worry about breakages when swimming in the Intex Prism Frame Pool as it’s been constructed with 3 ply puncture resistant material. Intex also includes a DVD that can guide you through the easy setup and show you how to troubleshoot any maintenance problems that occur, so you’re completely covered for anything that might go wrong.

This is a great option for a small above ground pool that isn’t flimsy or too squashy to enjoy, so if you’re looking for value for money and the right size for a small family then this is it. Thanks to the complete package that Intex provides with this set, you’ll have no need for any other products and can set up your pool in around 60 minutes to be enjoying in no time at all.

iPool D Set Swimming Pool

This revolutionary pool from iPool is an above ground pool with a difference, and although it will bring you hours of fun it’s predominantly been made to help people exercise.

The iPool is an above ground pool that fits in your garage or basement and allows you to stay tethered in the middle of the pool while you practice your swimming, so it feels as though you’re moving miles away without ever leaving the one place.

The iPool uses a patented dual tether system to keep you comfortably swimming in place and you can either increase or decrease your resistance without the need for noisy jets or trying to fight for a lane at your local swimming pool. Best of all, this pool is heated too so you can enjoy it at any time of the day and in any weather.

Fitmax iPool Above Ground Pool Review

This pool was designed for a number of uses including helping people to practice swimming and assisting those who need low impact exercise at home. The iPool has just a six-meter square footprint which means you can find just about anywhere to set it up without a bother, and you don’t need to keep taking it down and reassembling like you might with other models.

Made from strong zinc coated galvanized steel you can trust that it’s not going anywhere and the inner liner is made from five layers of vinyl coated polyester weave. Although there’s a filter included, most people have stated that it just isn't powerful enough for a pool of this size so it’s best to upgrade before you set it up.

If you’ve been looking for a way to exercise at home that is low impact and a lot of fun, this is an above ground pool with a difference. The iPool is easy to assemble and will give you hours of enjoyment, so if you’ve been waiting for a sign to try something new then this is it.

The Final Say

When it’s just not possible to get yourself a built-in pool, above ground pools offer so many of their own benefits to the home. These pools provide hours of entertainment for children and adults, they’re affordable to purchase and easy to maintain, and they can pack up neatly to be taken anywhere you want them to go.

Finding the best above ground pool can be tough, though, and because each of us come with our own requirements for space and set up we need to choose a pool that can tick everyone’s boxes.

So, what is the best above ground pool and which of these reviews did we find most valuable?

Little girl palying in a swimming pool at a summer garden.

There’s no doubt that Intex knows how to make a pool and with thousands of happy customers it’s no surprise that their Metal Frame Pool is our top pick. Coming in a number of sizes to suit all homes and with the reliability and strength that Intex is known for, it’s definitely the best value and most enjoyable above ground pool that we’ve found.

Making the decision to get your home an above ground pool is one that everyone will benefit from, and no matter the time of year it’s a great addition to your backyard.

Above ground pools have certainly come a long way from their first look, and they’re now easier to assemble, larger in size, and tougher than ever, making them a smart choice for any family without their own in-ground pool to enjoy.

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