Wilbar Meadows Above Ground Pool Review

Wilbar Meadows Above Ground Pool Review

If there’s one thing that can instantly transform a home, it has to be a swimming pool. Pools can be the central point of fun in your backyard, and they’re somewhere where friends and family can come together to have fun, relax, and get some well-needed exercise.

Although there are plenty of benefits already known about having a swimming pool, the average cost of having one built is well out of the reach of most homeowners. Rather than looking at other options, people usually just dismiss their hopes and dreams of having their own swimming pool and try to have their fun indoors.

The above ground pool has always been an alternative option to building a pool, but in the past, people have shied away from them due to their flimsiness and compact size. They can take hours to assemble, will quickly tear and break, and just aren’t big enough to house the whole family for an afternoon of fun.

Wilbar Meadows 24-Feet-By-52-Inch Round Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Wilbar is one of the above ground pool makers that are hoping to change this notion, with their range of pools that are just as good as something that’s been professionally installed. The Wilbar Meadows Pool is a massive and inviting above ground pool that ticks all of the boxes for what you hope for in a swimming pool and it’s tough and easy to assemble, too.

About The Product

Wilbar has long been considered one of the premium makers of above ground pools, and while their products might cost a little more than some of the competition they’re worth every cent in the extra quality they bring.

The Wilbur Meadows Above Ground Pool measures in at 24ft long and  52 inches deep giving you your very own swimming pool that feels just like the real deal but at a fraction of the price.

The Wilbar Meadows Above Ground Pool comes in a round shape and will fit perfectly in most backyards without a fuss. This heavy-duty pool has been made to withstand hours of fun and thanks to its super strong steel wall you’ll never need to worry about it breaking or buckling under pressure.

Wilbar makes all of their pools to the highest of standards and pack them full of features that make them very attractive to own. The Wilbar Meadows Round Above Ground Pool comes with:

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    Hot dip galvanized steel construction;
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    Durable stainless steel hardware and corrosion free foundation;
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    Interlocking stabilizer rails and exact fit parts;
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    Instruction manual for easy installation;
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    Solid blue pool liner and champagne colored frame;

If you’ve been searching for the premier outdoor above ground pool to add to your home, you can look no further than the Wilbar Meadows. This amazing pool looks just as good as it feels, and it will provide your home with hours of entertainment in the warmer months.

What To Expect

As soon as you feel the materials and construction of the Wilbar Meadows Above Ground Pool you’ll know that it’s worth every cent, and it feels just as durable as a regular swimming pool.

Wilbar Meadows 24-Feet-By-52-Inch Round Above-Ground Swimming Pool

There’s no way that this pool will tear or break like you’d come to expect from other above ground pools so you can have hours of fun with the whole family and never give a second thought to it.

One of the issues with this pool is with the liner that comes with it, as many people say it doesn’t fit right and is far too thin. The best thing to do is upgrade to one made by another brand so that you’ll feel comfortable using it in the swimming pool.

Some people also found that the instructions that came with the Wilbar Meadows Above Ground Pool make it incredibly difficult to put together, especially when compared to other similar models. You’ll need to put aside a few hours and enlist the help of other adults to ensure you get the job done in optimal time.

How To Buy

When searching for the best price on this above ground pool you’ll want to check out Amazon for their listings. You can get the Wilbar Meadows Above Ground Pool for about $1,150 with everything you need to get set up in just hours.

Amazon will deliver the pool straight to your house free of charge, and those lucky members of Amazon Prime will receive the pool within 48 hours.

One of the most amazing things about this pool is that it comes with a 10-year limited warranty, which means it will last your family for an entire decade. While the initial cost may seem a little more than you’d find with a regular above ground pool this more than makes up for the value of it.

If you’re going to take the advice of the other reviews you might want to get a new pool liner that fits with the dimensions of this one, as some people mentioned it could be quite thin. There are some great options also available on Amazon if you wanted something thicker and sturdier to fit inside.

The Verdict

For those who only want the best for their homes, you’ll be happy to invest your money in the Wilbar Meadows Above Ground Pool. With a 10 year warranty you know you’re getting the absolute best money can buy and still costing you just a fraction of what an in-ground pool would be.

Wilbar Meadows 24-Feet-By-52-Inch Round Above-Ground Swimming Pool

The Wilbar Meadows Above Ground Pool is built solid and will look amazing in any backyard, with enough room to fit the entire family.  Get this pool for yourself and treat everyone to hours of fun and entertainment.

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